Let’s think about light and photons

Learn about light ‐A wave but also a particle!? Wonders of light‐

Though light plays a vital role in forming our universe, there are a lot of things we still don’t know about it.
At certain times it behaves like a wave, at certain times like a particle.
Let’s start learning the wonderful properties of light.

Using light ‐Current & future of technology of light (Photonics)‐

How do we make use of light?
Let’s take a look at some points in “photonics” as technology of light as well as new applications of light found from the latest researches.

Living with photonics ‐Photonics in our daily lives‐

Let’s take a look at roles of photonics indispensable to our modern life and
seen everywhere from familiar products to the cutting-edge science.

Sneaking into the front lines of optical science!

Photon Boy takes a trip to front lines of science with curiosity as his driving force.He will devotedly make a report on various sites related to researches on photon!

Hi there! I am Photon Boy. I will be your guide to photonics technology. I was born from a photomultiplier tube called Photomaru developed by Hamamatsu Photonics. I can see even really faint light. Come along with me on a search for the attractions of light!
Photon Boy

Welcome to Photon Lab!

Check out our Photon Lab -- The “LIGHT” research laboratory!
Here we present fascinating stories of light and science, and describe experiments involving light.

We have a new article about the element fluorine (F) and cancer screening in connection with the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements 2019. Let’s take a look!
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